Aune B1 Portable HiFi Headphone & Earphone Amplifier

CLEARNCE 2015 version - below cost!!!   ----  The MOST STYLISH smartphone accessory that you must have - high fidelity music on the go, in style, in beautiful sound, up to 10 hours playing time...great for Over-the-Ear  headphones and power demanding ones...



Consonance Ref 5.5 MKII PSE Integrated 300B Tube Amplifier

 DEMO CLEARANCE: Single Ended Triode in parallel to double the power of legendary 300B tube output - you can use it either as integrated or a straight forward power amp. - 

ESS Natural Sound RLM-713 Headphones

 DEMO PAIR TO SAVE $150! ESS designed dynamic driver to go after the original ESS AMT sound  - experience the  sound 'as clear as light', like never before...

Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 D/A Converter

++++ OPEN BOX DEMO UNITS FOR CLEARANCE++++ High end design tube output DAC - compete very well with DAC's under $1k.  24/96 USB and sampling rate up to 24/192. Do NOT let the price to mistake it for mid-fi quality. This is a very high end design at a fraction of competion's price with our direct shipping. Turns up to 5 of your sources into High-End Tube Source players !

Jungson JA99D Flagship Integrated Amplifier

 LAST DEMO UNIT CLEARANCE - SAVE $1000! +++++100 watts pure class A power - flagship design

Matrix X-Sabre 32bit/384kHz DSD DXD Audio DAC

OPEN BOX DEMO SALE - Flagship ultra high quality D/A converter that supports native DSD (Direct-Stream Digital) and DXD (Digital eXtreme Deļ¬nition).

Psvane T-417 Reference Tube Pre-Amplifier

CLEARANCE - High end tube preamplifier with separate power supply, tube rectification and tube voltage regulation, plus low output impedance to match many high end power amps for extra oomph. 

Psvane TS845 Integrated Single Ended Triode (SET) 845 Tube Amplifier

++++ DEMO CLEARANCE++++Very impressive integrated 845 amps - priced without retail markup so you save $1000+ over similar design 845 integrated. All parts are same quality level as the flagship T845 monoblocks which received rave feedback at TAVES 2014. 

Qinpu S-1 Desktop Horn HiFi Speakers (Pair)


Qinpu SW-5 Desktop HiFi Sub-Woofer


Tang Band W8-1808 8-inch Full Range Driver (pair)

 A hidden gem - beautifully made, unbelievably musical.