Aune B1 Portable HiFi Headphone & Earphone Amplifier

CLEARNCE 2015 version - below cost!!!   ----  The MOST STYLISH smartphone accessory that you must have - high fidelity music on the go, in style, in beautiful sound, up to 10 hours playing time...great for Over-the-Ear  headphones and power demanding ones...



Consonance D-Linear 15 Ultra Reference Power Conditioning System

 +++ SHOW DEMO UNIT CLEARANCE+++ Got high end systems? This one will take care all your power issues - 25 Amp maximum load and quality is confirmed by high end power cord designer / manufacturer in USA. 

Consonance Isolde Turntable with T8 Carbon Fiber Tonearm

 OPEN BOX SALE to save 50%! - No fuss set up, including a high end carbon fiber tonearm....in minutes you can enjoy all your vinyl collection with great sound :) 

Consonance Ref 5.5 MKII PSE Integrated 300B Tube Amplifier

 Single Ended Triode in parallel to double the power of legendary 300B tube output - you can use it either as integrated or a straight forward power amp. - 

Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 D/A Converter

++++ OPEN BOX DEMO UNITS FOR CLEARANCE++++ High end design tube output DAC - compete very well with DAC's under $1k.  24/96 USB and sampling rate up to 24/192. Do NOT let the price to mistake it for mid-fi quality. This is a very high end design at a fraction of competion's price with our direct shipping. Turns up to 5 of your sources into High-End Tube Source players !

Japanese Elekit TU-8200 DX Integrated SET Tube Amp (Kit or Assembled)

 For under $1k, you can get a top quality all-Japanese single ended tube amp, professionally assembled by the distributor VK Music! It can use 6L6, KT88 (6550) or EL34 type of tubes. So you get 3 different amps in for one price! Best of all, you don't need to bias the amp - change tubes then you are good to go. 

Matrix X-Sabre 32bit/384kHz DSD DXD Audio DAC

OPEN BOX DEMO SALE - Flagship ultra high quality D/A converter that supports native DSD (Direct-Stream Digital) and DXD (Digital eXtreme Deļ¬nition).

Psvane T-417 Reference Tube Pre-Amplifier

CLEARANCE - High end tube preamplifier with separate power supply, tube rectification and tube voltage regulation, plus low output impedance to match many high end power amps for extra oomph. 

Qinpu S-1 Desktop Horn HiFi Speakers (Pair)


Qinpu SW-5 Desktop HiFi Sub-Woofer


USB Desktop Powered Speakers with Enhanced Bass

 Mini desktop High Fidelity USB powered speakers with amazing bass. Travel with it everywhere - great sound will be with you!