PureAudioProject Trio15TB Neo Open Baffle Speakers (pair)

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MSRP: $3,699.00
Ship To: : Canada, USA, Asia


About Open Baffle Speakers: 


Open Baffle speakers are not a new invention. It has been around the block for many years and thousands DIY projects were based on these design with substantial cost saving compared to typical box speakers, and with outstanding sound performance. However, most Open Baffle speakers were created with huge baffles that interfer with the room decor, or just use a single full range driver, resulting in 'lack of bass'. When I first mention that I will introduce a line of Open Baffle speakers to Canada, a seasoned audiophile asked me right away 'well, only if it has enough bass bottom end''. Seems the misconception of 'Open Baffle = lack of bass" has been deeply rooted in the mind of even very experienced audiophiles and music lovers. 

Open baffle speakers also have its distinctive advantages over typical box speakers - according to StereoNet reviewer Marc Rushton, one being "(Open Baffle speakers has) no chance of sound colouration from the enclosure, often negatively referred to as a ‘boxy’ or ‘boomy’ sound, nor are there any pesky resonances or standing waves within the enclosure, because obviously, there is no enclosure." The other advantage of open baffle speakers is "their ability to project a wide and deep three-dimensional soundstage, and a bigger 'sweet spot' than with conventional loudspeaker designs".


About PureAudioProject Trio15TB Open Baffle Speakers (Trio15TB): 


PureAudioProject's Trio15TB Neo is NOT the typical Open Baffle speakers. Here is what makes it special and one of a kind in its own league: 


  • Open Baffle - But no ugly huge baffle to dominate the listening room: 

The baffle of Trio15TB Neo is made of 3 separate mounting boards for 3 drivers - 2 x 15" bass woofer, one on top, one at the bottom; plus 1 x 8" Neodymium full range driver mounted in the middle board. This gives you a very balanced appearance - not too "out of this world" like some Open Baffle speakers do, which are hard to get approved by your better half to match with home decoration. 

The back of the speakers are entirely 'Open' without a box enclosure - hence the definition of 'Open Baffle'. The speakers' dimension is defined by a CNC machine cut aluminum frame and a matching metal base. You have a visual box space but yet there is no box here. Use your imagination for what sound these speakers can do 'out of the box' ;) 

The baffle can be made with different type of wood material. So far the most popular one is the natural bamboo finish - made from Bamboo plywood (called 'Plyboo'). It offers natural bamboo grain, smooth finish and a light colored front face, that contrasts very well with the large sized 15" bass woofers and the paper/metal combination full range driver.  We also offer black piano and white piano high gloss finishing baffles at slight premium in price. 

Overall, this is a very attractive looking large sized speakers - blend in very well with both modern home decoration, and vintage listening room set up. It can be the eye focus of a family living room for entertainment and conversation subject, or a center piece of a man cave / listening room. 


Placement: It is recommended to place these speakers about 2 ft off the rear and side walls to allow sound to develop properly. Open Baffle speakers do not work well if placed right against wall. Trio15TB works extremely well with medium and large sized room such as open living / dinning room, and large basement entertainment area in many North American homes. For smaller rooms, check out the Trio10 models on www.pureaudioproject.com


As a buyers of these open baffle speakers, you are part of the creation of great sound. However, you don't have to be a speaker genius to make it happen. The whole set of components can be put together with a simple screw driver / allen key to mount drivers onto the baffle, and hand tighten all bolts under a hour. No handyman skills required, but you are part of the creation of the GREAT sound. 


About the sound of Trio15TB Open Baffle Speakers: 


Just as the open baffle design entails, Trio15TB offers a large open sound stage that fills the listening room. When paired with Psvane T845+T417 single ended tube amp set at the recent Toronto audio show (TAVES 2014), Trio15TB handles a wide range of music well - including rock n roll, classical, jazz, piano, violin, vocal etc... 


In the words of Tim Smith, reviewer and reporter from 6moons.com, "To explain the soundstage thrown by these speakers, let me start by describing what they do not sound like. Imagine that PRaTy sound you’d get with a Naim amp driving ProAc speakers. It’s the knockout blow of a mailed fist—crunchy, punchy and in your face. A flat-earther’s paradise. Now say goodbye to all that and imagine a room in which musical images emerge like a soft bulbous orb of sound that expands and contracts effortlessly, side to side, back to front, and up up and away like a musical balloon. These modestly priced Eminence drivers performed some kind of magic in tandem with the TangBand driver...".

He further says "The Grant Fidelity / PureAudioProject room was characterized by deep bass which perhaps was not the most dry or articulate but certainly not bloated. The soundstage was large but realistic and the highs were a touch rolled off. Bill Frisell and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitars were super sweet the way I like it. Dynamics were startling fast. I said aloud, ‘who needs Maggies when you can have panel-like imaging with much better bass’? And Ze’ev Schlik said ‘you’d be surprised how many people have sold their Maggies to buy our speakers.’ Actually, I’m not at all surprised. The PureAudioProject speakers are 93dB sensitive. Just a few watts will do. Magnepan owners (that’s me) take note!"


In Tim's correspondence with Trio15TB designer Ze'ev Schlik, he says  ”PureAudioProject’s $3500 speakers (Trio15 TB, now upgraded to Trio15TB Neo with minor increase in price and bass woofers upgraded to neodynium ) sounded more musical than almost every five-figured speaker at the show”...“I found your room to be one of the very best in the Show. Accordingly, I am happy to ‘award’ (how pretentious) your room with a ‘Best in Show’ designation."


Other major audio magazines also offered high praise of the PureAudioProject Trio15TB paired with Psvane flagship T845 tube monoblocks and T417 tube preamp combination at the 2014 Toronto Audio Video Show (TAVES 2014): 

From hugely popular e-zine EnjoyTheMusic.com whom we toured several Chinese audio factories together with in 2009: 'Finally, after being convinced that this was one of the Best Rooms at the show, I stood up and gave her a big hug of condolence as many others had done over the weekend. ......From the look of the excitement in this room and the support Rachel has drawn around her, coupled with her own strength, determination and expertise, the successful continuation of Grant Fidelity looks very promising.. See original show report here: http://enjoythemusic.com/taves_2014/Becker/Part3/

From long term audiophile e-zine Positive Feedback Online: 'My next room was one of the most fascinating of the Show. It was the Grant Fidelity Room and it had the Trio15 TB speakers…The sound from these speakers was incredibly airy and effortless while the bass was surprisingly deep and robust. For this level of sound quality I would normally expect to pay five figures, which is why my jaw dropped to the floor when Ze’ev told me that the price is $3500. This speaker easily getsmy vote for best speaker value of the Show.”, Malcolm J. Gomes, Positive Feedback Online: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue76/taves1.htm




The Trio15TB Neo comes in Ikea style flat packed packages - it typically come in 3 shipments: 

- Drivers: 4 x 15 inch woofer; 2 x 8 inch full range driver 

- aluminum frame with all assembly hardware

- Baffles: Bamboo finish available for direct shipping from Iowa, USA. Black or White piano finishing are available on special order for extra $399 per set shipped from Asia by air

- We now also have (1) set of white frosted acrylic baffles available from Calgary directly


Once order is placed with Grant Fidelity, we will place order for baffle cutting at PureAudioProject Iowa USA facility based on the finishing you have chosen. In the meantime, other components will be arranged to be shipped from USA.   Grant Fidelity will also pay for all import related customs charges so Canadian customers do not need to deal with customs charges. We do it all for you. 


The production / shipping process typically takes 2-3 weeks then a detailed assembly instruction will be provided to buyer to self assemble the speakers together. The assembling process will take average around 1 hr. 




Due to the large size and substantial shipping / handling cost of these components and custom nature of the wood baffle, there is no return of the speakers. 


The Trio15TB has been received extremely well by worldwide customers and according to Ze'ev Schlik, owner of PureAudioProject, 'although every time when we deliver to customer and they write back, my heart always miss a beat when opening their emails, but fortunately our customer satisfaction rate so far is 100%!'  The overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received at the recent Toronto audio show again proven how good sounding and well made the Trio15TB are. 




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