PureAudioProject Trio15 Heil Open Baffle Speakers (pair)


The PureAudioProject Trio15 Heil  is an upgrade / variation from the best selling PureAudioProject Trio15TB - you can experience a real original legendary Air Motion Transformer speakers are all about, plus the unique modular concept provided by PureAudioProject. 

If you already own the Base Model Trio15TB, contact us to see how to turn your speakers to a whole new one, on a whole new level of sound, in the matter of a hour, without selling / buying an entirely new speaker again! 

If this is the first time you come across PureAudioProject speakers, please feel free to browse the Base Model Trio15TB first so that you have an idea of what PureAudioProject is about and find your desired starting point to experience the Modular Artichetural Concept from PureAudioProject. 



ESS Heil is the legendary American brand for designing and producing high quality loudspeaker drivers with 40+ years of history.  As the original patent holder of Air Motion Transformer, ESS Heil is part of the audio history, and the driver is considered 'sound as clear as light'. 

The legendary Heil AMT highs are natural and full body to an extent that is rare to find among tweeter drivers. This is also a dipole driver that adds to it’s match to open baffle product offering.

Past customer feedback:

“… the speakers breaking in nicely. Have them temporarily set up on an cheap amp streaming. Even that setup is pretty cool. I could hear the changes happening so dramatically in some cases. Last night i played a song I played the day before and I was like “is that the same song :-)”, “… The AMT Heil are very clear and enormous details… and of course a massive punch from the 15″ woofers. Played Kodo and the walls were shaking.”, Markus, Customer USA



PAP EA15Neo Neodymium custom driver 

ESS Heil air motion transformer drivers 



Sensitivity: 93dB measured in a typical room

Frequency Response: 36Hz - 20,000 Hz

Impedance: 3.5 to 8Ohm

Amplifier rated impedance: 8 Ohm

Recommended amplifiers: 3.5W (Tube SE) and higher (tubes, solid state, class D)




 The above base model price is for natural bamboo plyboo finish. Other baffle finishing options include: 

1) Base model - natural bamboo finish - no additional cost

2) White frosted acrylic - no additional cost

3) Piano Black / Piano white high gloss baffles from Aisa - additional $399 USD


Please email us at sales@GrantFidelity.com to obtain invoice when placing order in finish option 3. 




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