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High end Beryllium Copper foil audio capacitors from Psvane Audio



Re-seller's Note: there are some ongoing threads on audio forums about whether Psvane caps are 'real of fake'. Such a discussion was trigged by previous inaccurate production information leading consumer to believe Psvane caps are like V-cap using Teflon dielectric film.
Since the questions were raised by online forum members, Grant Fidleity as re-seller have immediately contacted with manufacturer Psvane Audio and clarified the produc description. Our website has also been updated immediately with the latest information provided by the manufacturer.  
In short, according to the factory, Psvane caps are made with "Beryllium Copper Foil, the highest grade Dupont Polyester film as dieletric, with Teflon shielded tin tipped leads". They are not a copy of V-Cap; so they are neither real or fake V-Cap. They are simply another creation of high fidelity audio capacitors for audiophiles pursuing better sound. 
There are other vendors reselling Psvane caps that were sourced from unknown parties to Grant Fidelity. Grant Fidelity will guarantee that all our products are sourced directly from manufacturer without any broker involved and we do not re-sell to electronics parts vendors. The forum thread(s) reported Psvane cap failures and those failed caps have been confirmed NOT purchased from Grant Fidelity.
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