Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine (RCM)

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Voltage: : 115V
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Please note the record cleaning machine voltage is 115V for Canada and USA only. We cannot ship this item to other countries due to voltage difference. The item will be shipped from our Hong Kong partner 'Audio4Less' by air express directly to buyer's address with 5-7 business days arrival.  For Canadian customers, your GST/HST will be collected by courier at time of delivery. 





This sleek looking vinyl cleaning machine is a must-have for serious analog lovers with decent collection of high quality vinyl. 

We offer free shipping to North American customers under our 'Grant Fidelity' private label to maximize your savings! 


It will maintain your records collection in top notch condition, reduce wear-and-tear to your expensive cartridge, and keep your vinyl resale value high.

  • Aluminum body with sandy aluminium top plate - easy to maintain and unlike wood or MDF surface, it leaves no visible stains and remain in 'as new' condition even after numerous record washes
  • Sandwich design acrylic top and bottom plate over/under the motor - effectively reduce noises during high power vacuuming process
  • 1250w high power vacuum motor to produce high torque rotation - quick and efficient cleaning and effective liquid suction
  • A fine brush wand attached to vacuum sprout on a spring - no accidental damage to your precious vinyl and can adjust to any record thickness
  • A brushed aluminum record clamp with rubber seal is provided to be screwed on the spindle - securely protect labels from the wet cleaning process 
  • Rear power plug socket - detachable IEC power cord provided with the unit
  • Two front switches - one for rotating, one for vacuuming 
  • Rear attached excessive fluid outflow rubber tube - in case you put too much liquid to the unit, this will allow to drain it off safely without making an overflow mess. 

Except routine wipe off excessive fluid sprayed to the top plate, there is literally no maintenance required for this record cleaning machine. Easy to use, very rugged. No movable parts except the platter and a detachable vacuum sprout. No belt required. 


Compared to the popular brands on the market, this Record Cleaning Machine has the following distinctive advantages: 

  • Easy to clean after each wash - just wipe off the liquid then the cleaner shines as new ( unlike other brands use painted MDF particle boards which will become quite ugly overtime) 


  • You can hardly damage the wand - it places onto records by vacuum and pop up by itself when you stop the vacuum. One piece design - each to change - you don't even need any tools - cheap to replace too :) 


  • No sourrounding structure around the record edge - you can easily put on and take off records and spray cleaning liquid without worrying about wet the cleaner box or leave liquid in any corners


  • Great vacuum power - it cleans and dries the record in about 1 1/2 rotation - yes the high power vacuum is a bit loud - this is the time you pull out you iPod, wear the headphones and sing with it :) 


  • Dimensions:  14.6" W x 10.6" D x 15" W
  • Weight: 26 lbs


For cleaning process: 

We recommend you to use a soft pre-vacuum brush to rub cleaning fluid to the record so that no surface is left uncleaned. You can usually find such soft brush from local record stores or for very affordable price. 

You also need a spray bottle and cleaning liquid of course. Any household cleaning spray bottle will do - please rinse clean before putting in the record cleaning fluid. A common recipe for the cleaning fluid is distilled water and 99% rubbing alcohol (both available at drugstore at little cost), 1:1. 


Note: Please clamp the fluid tube when you are cleaning records to create a sealed vacuum in the tank. Otherwise water will end up pooling under the cleaning machine. You only need to drain the tube after each cleaning session before you put away the RCM. 



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Trevor M., 06/22/2016

Name: Trevor M
Date: 22/6/2011
Review: I owned a VPI HW16.5 for years, and always felt that while functional, it was a poorly executed design. Why would anyone build a wet record cleaner out of particle board? Why put sides around the cleaning area which block record access and the ability to cleanup spills? How about protection for the record label? The Opera Consonance addresses all the VPI's deficiencies for an even better price.