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 Best value high quality custom made USB cable - the answer to enhancing computer audio quality. Dual shielding, dual grounding, separation of power and signal transmission, silver plated copper (SPC) signal wiring, OFC power wiring, gold coated terminal... You name it. All under $100 deliver to your door. 


 Mundorf 30th Anniversary - loaded with brand name components including high end Mundorf AMT tweeter, Accuton ceramic driver, WBT binding post, WBT Terminal plate, Mundorf Crossover (standard or Special Edition) - you name it! All come in professionally assembled. Take them out of the box and enjoy the world class sound quality. Beaufiful piano finish - white or black at your choice. OPEN FOR PRE-ORDER NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING. 


High end tube preamplifier with separate power supply, tube rectification and tube voltage regulation, plus low output impedance to match many high end power amps for extra oomph. 


Your DAC search likely will end here -  World's most advanced Sabre chip used in this 32-bit DAC with custom 32bit /384kHz USB input, ultra low distortion, multiple ways to tweak sound as super high performance DAC, plus the convenience to use it as pre-amplifier or a class A headphone amp. Reviewer said "I'd happily put the DA8 up against any sanely priced DAC and expect it to have a good chance of coming out on top."


 Very Limited Edition with ultra fidelity performance. Optional precision clock. The best of the very best from Yulong Audio for the Ultra High Fidelity performance. 


 Limited Edition with ultra fidelity performance Fully Balanced Headphone amp . The best of the very best from Yulong Audio for the Ultra High Fidelity performance. 


Unleash the heavenly sound of Open baffle speakers featuring 2 X 15" bass woofer and 8" full range driver, come as Ikea style flat package. Tool-less self assemble, at fraction of the price of a similar performance grade box speakers - CREATE YOUR SPEAKER right in your living room! FOR LIMITED TIME, FREE 8FT pair SPEAKER CABLES ARE OFFERED FREE with purchase of speakers! FREE SHIPPING. 


Worldwide FREE shipping - best value KT120 amp with massive 85 watts per channel 


 No fuss set up, high end carbon fiber minutes you can enjoy all your vinyl collection with great sound :) 

Rita Front side

 Award winning, loved by everyone who owns one. - Best integrated amp in our entire line.  


 Simplified version from the high end model Yulong Sabre DA8 (MSRP $1299). Intuitive operation, Asynchronous DSD and PCM 32bit 384kHZ. Plus Class A headphone amp!