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PureAudioProject Trio15TB Open Baffle Speakers (pair)

LIMITED TIME FREE SHIPPING - Unleash the heavenly sound of Open baffle speakers featuring 2 X 15" bass woofer and 8" full range driver, come as Ikea style flat package. Tool-less self assemble, at fraction of the price of a similar performance grade box speakers - CREATE YOUR SPEAKER right in your living room! 

Mundorf MA30 Anniversary AMT Speaker Kit (pair)

 Mundorf 30th Anniversary speaker kit  -  with components you can only find on a $5000+ brand name speakers. Now available to consumers at affordable price without middleman markup.  Loaded with industry top brand name components including high end Mundorf AMT tweeter, Accuton ceramic woofer, high end binding post, Mundorf Terminal plate, Mundorf super sized Crossover - you name it!

ESS Natural Sound RLM-713 Headphones

 ON SALE NOW TO SAVE $100! ESS designed dynamic driver to go after the original ESS AMT sound  - experience the  sound 'as clear as light', like never before...


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