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Yulong CU2 USB Silver Plated Copper (SPC) Digital Signal Cable (4ft)

 Best value high quality custom made USB cable - the answer to enhancing computer audio quality. Dual shielding, dual grounding, separation of power and signal transmission, silver plated copper (SPC) signal wiring, OFC power wiring, gold coated terminal... You name it. All under $100 deliver to your door. 

Aune B1 Portable HiFi Headphone & Earphone Amplifier

The MOST STYLISH smartphone accessory that you must have - high fidelity music on the go, in style, in beautiful sound, up to 10 hours playing time...



ESS Natural Sound RLM-713 Headphones

 ON SALE NOW TO SAVE $100! ESS designed dynamic driver to go after the original ESS AMT sound  - experience the  sound 'as clear as light', like never before...