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Japanese Elekit TU-8200 DX Integrated SET Tube Amp (Kit or Assembled)

 For under $1k, you can get a top quality all-Japanese single ended tube amp, professionally assembled by the distributor VK Music! It can use 6L6, KT88 (6550) or EL34 type of tubes. So you get 3 different amps in for one price! Best of all, you don't need to bias the amp - change tubes then you are good to go. 

Consonance M-10S Integrated Tube Amp w/ Headphone

 Small amp with big sound, plus headphone out and optional remote - Single ended EL34. FACTORY DROP SHIPPING TO SAVE 40% OFF.

Japanese Elekit TU-8340VK Integrated Tube Amplifier (Kit or Assembled)

 Well made Japanese amp kit, optional to be assembled professionally... can be a EL34 / KT88 / KT120 /  KT150 amp as you wish...push a button to set bias.... a true low maintenance GREAT amp at unbelievable price..

Consonance Ref 5.5 MKII SET Integrated 300B Tube Amplifier

 Single Ended Triode in parallel to double the power of legendary 300B tube output - you can use it either as integrated or a straight forward power amp. You can hardly find another 300B integrated amp built to this quality level at this price point!

Consonance Cyber100 15-Year Anniversary KT88/KT120/KT150 integrated Tube Amplifier

 Render both fine detail and tonality.. can use KT88 / KT120 / KT150 type of tubes for a heavenly musical enjoyment. Please select your desired tube package to see total price. 

Consonance Cyber880i Integrated Tube Amplifier

 100 watts pure tube power in a beautiful package