Acoustic Elegance Dipole15 Dual 8Ohm Open Baffle Speaker Woofer Driver - Single

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Dipole15 Highlights:

  • Designed specifically for Open Baffle/Dipole Use
  • Lambda Motor with Full Copper Faraday Sleeve (FCFS)
  • Extremely low and linear inductance
  • Wide bandwidth and detailed midbass
  • High Xmax with clean suspension travel
  • Underhung motor for linear Bl
  • Ideal Qts for open baffle speakers

The Dipole15 woofers are designed specifically for open baffle/dipole use. In open baffle applications, drivers are required to operate at much higher excursions than in typical boxed applications to compensate for the rolloff of the baffle. In applications where woofers are continually called upon to operate at higher excursions, Bl and Le linearity are extremely critical. To achieve this linearity, the Dipole15 woofers were designed with a large underhung motor and Full Copper Faraday Sleeve covering the entire pole.  Full details on what makes this motor design different can be found here: The Lambda 001 Motor Design. This combination utilizing the Faraday ring and underhung motor provides the most possible linearity and low distortion during high excursion use. The high Q and low Fs allow the Dipole15 woofers to be very efficient at low frequencies and have very good low end extension. While EQ is typically needed to correct for the baffle rolloff itself, no additional EQ is required to flatten the response of the driver.

As with all of the TD drivers, the Dipole woofers have extremely low and linear inductance. The ideal Qts and soft suspension means the Dipole woofers are very efficient at low frequencies and can be pushed to high excursions with very little power required. The low power requirements and non-reactive load make the Dipole woofers  an ideal match for use with tube amplifiers as well. In addition, they have some of the best midrange performance of any woofers Acoustic Elegance offers, extending up to 2KHz or higher. They are available in dual 8ohm and dual 16ohm options for a variety of wiring configurations.

Fs: 21.7Hz
Qms: 15.2
Vas: 623 L
Cms: 0.6 mm/N
Mms: 90 g
Rms: 0.81 kg/S
Xmax: 12 mm(peak)
Xmech: 18 mm(peak)
Sd: 855 sqcm
Vd: 2.06L (p-p)
Qes: 1.00
Re: 3.08 ohm (parallel)
Le: 0.04 mH (parallel)
Z: 4 ohm (parallel)
Bl: 6.1 T/m
Pe: 100W (cont.)
Qts: 0.94
1WSPL: 90 dB
2.83V: 94.2 dB


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