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Yulong D100 MKII ASRC D/A Converter

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pdf D100 II manual English.pdf (399.8 KB)


Review by Head-Fi member:  

"...D100 – this DAC is absolutely competitive with such highly regarded models as the Benchmark DAC 1, Lavry DA10, and Grace Design m902. It’s even superior in several ways, especially with the MKII update. And why shouldn’t it be? Many of the same hardware components are being used, in a well thought out design that is no less complex than the others. The only thing lacking here is the prestige of those well-known brand names. Worth noting is that the D100 sells for less than half the price of those models, which helps take away the sting of owning a “lesser brand”. I’ve owned all of those models and am confident about what I’m hearing...." Read full review here


This Yulong D100 MKII is the latest and newest upgraded model from the previous popular Yulong D100 model. The digital USB input has been upgraded to  TE7022L chip which support 24/96kHz high res signal, and works with Yulong proprietory ASIO driver for the best possible sound quality out of your computer. 

  • Throughout design and production process, numerous tests were done with advanced lab equipment to ensure outstanding result on this DAC model. For example: THD+N<0.0005%, -130dB idle noise and up to 120dB S/N Ratio. These measurements are rarely seen on D/A converters at this price range.
  • By implementation of ASRC, Yulong D100 MKII have achieved excellent anti-jitter performance. The input digital audio signal is first asynchronously processed to 132KHZ with reference to a custom-made 1ppm precision and low phase noise clock source. The output is an extremely low jitter I2S signal then further to be fed into the DAC chip, which results in a highly precise digital to analog convert process and this process is not sensitive to input signal quality. You do not have to spend big bucks to upgrade your source equipment to get the best sound quality downstream with this unique design. 
  •  In Yulong's lab test, when the input digital signal is added 80ns of jitter, the Yulong D100 MKII can produce almost same performance as when there is no jitter added, while synchronous DAC's used for comparison  already lost the lock to the signal and cannot work properly.
  •  For the analog circuits, the Yulong D100 MKII  brings out neutral and refined sound without excessive coloration. 
  •  The USB interface uses the TE7022L (Supports the ASIO and the USB2.0), the I2S signal from USB chip is sent for ASRC and DAC. It can achieve the same performance index as the S/PDIF, Optical or AES/EBU inputs. The THD+N is less than 0.0005%.
  • Yulong D100 MKII is also a high performance headphone amplifier, and sound style can be selected by pressing the Sound button on the front panel. The default style Mode 1 is natural and dynamic. Switching to Mode 2 will result in a smooth style, which is suitable for bright-sounding headphones, or if you prefer more "dark and smooth" sound.
  •  Two headphone outputs with different impedance: LOW is suitable for headphones with low impedance and high sensitivity such as in ear monitor; while HIGH fits most of bigger headphones. You can also try to get a different sound style by using a same headphone in different outputs.
  • Easy operation: Most likely you only need to access the MODE button on the front panel. The last used input channel is stored automatically and will resume when power up. 
  • High quality aluminum casing, custom made gold plated connectors result in flawless operation and superior reliability.
  • Selectable dual voltage 110/120V or 220/240 operating voltage, 50/60Hz. You can take this unit anywhere in the world and enjoy.


Digital Input: 

1) Optical, S/PDIF and AES/EBU, which can connect to most of the equipments with PCM digital audio signal up to 24bit/192KHZ, such as CD, DVD or sound card. 

2) USB mode supports WINDOWS 7, VISTA, XP, MAS OS and LINUX and accept high res signal up to 24/96kHz.  

Analog Output: 

1) RCA/XLR output on the back panel can connect to amplifiers or active speakers.

2) Headphone output on the front panel can connect to headphones with impedance from 16 to 600 Ohms. 



  • Inputs: Optical, Coaxial, USB, AES/EBU
  • Input digital signal format: 32-192 KHz, 16/24 Bit auto detection. USB supports up to 24Bit 96KHz
  • SNR: >120dB.
  • DynamicRange: 115dB.
  • THD+N: <0.0005% at 1KHZ
  • Frequency response: 20-20KHz-0.16dB.
  • Headphone output power: 130mW at 300Ohm, and 900mW at 32Ohm
  • Headphone output impedance: 16 Ohm to 600 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 10" W x 7" D x 2" H 
  • Net Weight: 1.5Kg / 3.3 lbs
  • Packing Size: 12" W x 12" D x 4"H

Included in the packaging: DAC, user manual, USB cable. Power cable


Note:  The factory warranty is void if the DAC is opened not by authorized dealer or service center.  

WARNING:    Both of the RCA and XLR line level outputs are NOT controlled by the Volume knob on front panel, and as always in full output level. Any equipment connected to these outputs must have a proper volume control, otherwise your headphones or speakers might be damaged. It might harm the hearing of audience too. Manufacturer is not responsible for any damages caused by improper usage. 










D100 II-Frequency response st Fs=96KHZ



D100 II THD + N vs Frequency odbfs/A-weighting












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