Yulong Audio

DA Art Canary DA Converter and Headphone Amp

 Stylish DAC & Headphone in one... design and made by Yulong Audio 

Yulong Audio CP1 High Purity OFC Power Cord (4ft)

 High purity Oxygen Free Power cord - suitable for both high end computer audio system and home audio setup! Use Coupon code '50OFFNOW' at checkout to save $50! 

Yulong CU2 USB Silver Plated Copper (SPC) Digital Signal Cable (4ft)

 Best value high quality custom made USB cable - the answer to enhancing computer audio quality. Dual shielding, dual grounding, separation of power and signal transmission, silver plated copper (SPC) signal wiring, OFC power wiring, gold coated terminal... You name it. All under $100 deliver to your door. 

Yulong Sabre D-18 Reference 32 bit D/A Converter

CLEARANCE - last one silver color:  World's most advanced DAC chip used in this 32-bit asynchronous Digital-to-Analog converter- the ESS9018 Sabre 32bit Hyperstrem chip. 16/24/32 bit auto detect and No-Over-Sampling. THD and noise less than 0.0003%. 

Yulong Sabre DA8 MKII Ultra-Low Distortion DSD 32bit/384KHz D/A Converter / Balanced Pre-Amplifier / Class A Headphone Amplifier

++++FACTORY CLEARANCE SAVE BIG ++++  Your DAC search likely will end here -  World's most advanced Sabre chip used in this 32-bit DAC with custom 32bit /384kHz USB input, ultra low distortion, multiple ways to tweak sound as super high performance DAC, plus the convenience to use it as pre-amplifier or a class A headphone amp. Reviewer said "I'd happily put the DA8 up against any sanely priced DAC and expect it to have a good chance of coming out on top."

Yulong U200 DSD 32 bit 384kHz USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Factory clearance - price valid unti sold out.. Only silver color left... 32bit DSD DAC at below $300!