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Yulong A230/D230 Head-Fi Power Cord (4ft)

Yulong D230 power cord
Yulong A230 power cord
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Yulong Power Cord (select model below)


Does power cord make difference in sound? 

The short answer is 'yes'. Many meterals are conductive hence can all convey electricity, but they do not all work in the same way. High quality materials carefully selected for making power cord used on high fidelity audio system will make a difference in the final sound deivered to our ears. Do we hear it? Sometimes yes and sometimes no - many factors come into play in an audio system - a high quality highly revealing system will deliver the audible difference to human ears. But do we all hear the same difference in sound? No - human ears vary from person to person; just think of the last time that your better-half said she/he heard something but you didn't at all :) When coming to spend money on power cords, we suggest you balance between audible difference and your wallet to find a happy middle ground, then enjoy the tunes and forget about listening to wires only. 




Power source is one of the most important parts in Hi-End system setup. The common audiophile power cords on the market are thick and stiff. These power cords are usually designed for large home audio systems and sold with huge markup. For headphone systems, they are inconvenient to use and may not alway matched to the system for sound. 

Yulong has tested and auditioned many cables on the market and now offer its own custom-made power cords for headphone system:

  • D230 (gold black jacket): recommended for DACs and source components with shielding. Offer detailed and balanced tonality. Can also be used with headphone amps. 


  • A230(blue black jacket): recommeded for headphone amplifiers without shielding, not recommended to use with DAC or source component. Offer non-compressed wide rich sound stage. 

Both D230 and A230 are made from EMC-compliant stranded fine copper cables from Lapp Kabel in Germany and terminated with Marinco male plug (rated 15A 125V) and Schurter female plug (10A 250V). 

All Yulong components (DAC and headphone amps) are confirmed during Yulong's personal lab test to gain performance improvement while using the D230/A230 power cords instead of the stock standard power cords. 

  • Length: 4ft (1.25m)
  • Note: this cable only comes with North American style 3-prone male ends. No other type plugs available for the time being. 
  • Weight: 215g / 0.5 lb



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