USB Desktop Powered Speakers with Enhanced Bass

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There are so many portable music playback device nowadays - MP3 player, iPod, iPad, iPhone, laptop.... you name a few. 


However, all these portable devices have great music storage capability, but poor play back sound quality. The speakers built-in these portable products are off-the-shelf quality, very directional, no sound imaging and cannot engage you closely with the music you like. You wish you could have your home sound system with you when you travel...


This pair of USB mini speakers will solve all the above problems - it will play music from any portable device with a mini jack headphone output and provide you instant significant sound quality improvement. 


It is of very compact size - each speaker takes less than a regular CD size, and weighs less than 1 lb. You can travel with it anywhere and take great sound with you. 


It will take power from any standard 5V USB output - such as laptop USB port. Simply plug in the USB (such as wall adaptor provided or computer USB port) and the mini jack to your sound source (phone, computer or iPad) - you are good to go. 


This pair of mini speakers have great bass and it will shake your desktop, literally.

Have you been craving the bottom end from your little desktop speakers but cannot get it? These will bring you great tonality plus deep bass - they are so much better sounding than your computer's built-in speakers that you will never want to listen to your music on your laptop without them anymore. 


Most small speakers bass will stop at above 100Hz - these mini speakers have built-in transducer in each speaker to create deep bass all the way down to 60Hz. 



  • Compact size - you can take it anywhere when you travel 
  • USB power supply - plug in your computer USB drive (5V) or use the wall adapter provided
  • Mini jack input - works with any player with headphone jack
  • Triangle shaped air tight aluminum cabinets with blue LED light
  • 1.5" single driver



  • Output power: 1.2w 
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Power Input: 5V
  • Crosstalk: >65dB
  • Driver: 1.5 inch 
  • Frequency Response: 90 Hz
  • Signal to Noise ratio: >60 dB
  • Net weight: 0.7kg / 1.5 lbs
  • Net size: 100 x 100 x 95 mm ( 4” W x 4” D x 3 ¾” H)
  • Accessories included: (1) USB wall plug for 110-240V worldwide voltage; (1) Mini jack to RCA cable so that you can use an external DAC with it. 


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Great f, 07/06/2017

I purchased these back in 2011 for $90 when I was looking to have a small desktop speaker system to use when I am at work. They have been in use, sitting unobtrusively on a windowsill since purchased. Although they could be moved back and fourth, I haven't and probably wouldn't as I see them as being damaged. and their odd shape would make it more cumbersome than say a foxl.

I listen mostly to streaming radio, SiriusXM and music files to a lesser extent. Due to my office location, I don't listen at high volume levels - mostly low to moderate. Sources have been Laptop, iPod Touch (several generations), iPad, Android tablets and only recently Hi-Res players.

The sound quality is pretty decent with the caveat being mid-low bass being shelved down giving voices a slightly more nasal quality than you might expect on much larger speakers than these. They image surprisingly well and are otherwise well balanced within their range. Though made of metal, they do not sound metallic and most importantly, they are 100% non-fatiguing. I can listen all day and never feel the need to turn them off - pretty high compliment from such a small speaker. Overtones suffer the most (drums, bass guitar, etc.) making them seem smaller and less impactful. Acoustic guitar and cymbals shimmer more prominently and sibilants seems prominent as well.

The majority of my listening is to streaming talk radio and in that range these really seem to work well. I can compare these to Audio Engine's A2 which I have on my home desktop and the A2 wins hands down (but that's ~$250 compared to ~$40) - smoother, better integration of mid bass and treble, deeper bass - but those really couldn't be carried, take up more space and need additional speaker wire to connect the speakers to one-another. Really an unfair comparison. The Soundmatters FOXL V2 is much more portable, battery powered and now with bluetooth, provides wireless connectivity to your playback device. It is still 2-4X the cost of these speakers and still suffers from it's obvious size limitations in terms of frequency range.

Given their obvious limitations, if your expectations are adjusted accordingly, these will work well. At their current price, they're pretty reasonable