UPC-1 Ultra Pure OCC Copper Super Power Cord

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Cable length: 1.5 meter / 5 ft 

USA style power plugs


Designed to sonically match and exceed the performance of some ultra high-end power cables (listing price usually $5000 and up) on the market but at a fraction of the price.


Inside include multiple strands of silver coated Ultra Pure OCC copper for each phase - live, neutral and ground.  


Ultra Pure Copper constructed by Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) process to achieve 99.9998% purity. This is nearly the highest grade copper you could find for use by general public rather than aerospace or military.


About Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Casting Copper (UP-OCC):


The OCC process for refining copper was developed and patented by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan and is licensed to our manufacturer for use in the production of wire and cable products for the audio/video industry. In conventional processing, hot molten copper is poured into a cooled mold for extrusion, resulting in multiple, fractionated crystal structure. While the copper may be "pure" in the sense of measuring gas impurities in the copper in comparison to standard copper refining techniques, Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) has undesirable effects that lead many to use more expensive materials such as silver for their conductive strands.


As developed for A/V cable use, the OCC process utilizes a heated mold for casting and extruding, with cooling taking place in a separate process. The result is a larger crystal size and increased purity that approaches the 6N, 99.9998%! Looking at it another way, traditional copper has oxygen impurities of 200 to 500 parts per million (PPM), while traditional OFC copper reduces that to less than 10 PPM. With the OCC process, the figure is cut in half to less than 5 PPM of oxygen, and less than 0.25 PPM of hydrogen (compared to 0.5 PPM for OFC). With these results, the OCC process creates "ultra-pure" copper, and thus the acronym for the copper material is more properly known as "UP-OCC", for Ultra-Pure, Ohno Continuous Casting.


The benefits of using UP-OCC material in audio cables you get:


• A true unidirectional copper crystal that is as free from impurities as possible to prevent corrosion
• Low electrical resistance
• Rapid signal transmission

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gordon , 02/10/2012

Received by email:

The four UPC-1 Ultra Pure OCC Copper Super Power Cords arrived. Initial impressions are that these are extraordinary! Will let you know more after some extended listening.

Judging from the items I have had the opportunity to try from you folks it would seem that you have VERY "good ears". The KT88-T, 12AT7-T, copper caps and now the UPC-1 power cords all seem to be cut from the same cloth. That is, they each appear to provide a similar presentation of the music..... detailed and VERY musical. Well done! "