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Shengya V518 Wood Horn Tower Speakers



This model has been sold out and will not be re-stocked. 


Beautiful Horn Loaded Wood Horn Tweeter Speakers. These are the 3-ways with a second order cross-over, that is almost invisible. It is very difficult to get up and stop listening to these. They do everything right with all the detail of a horn without the harshness sometimes associated with horns. The wood horn is specially designed to reduce air noise typically found in horn tweeter. 

If you've been thinking of upgrading your speakers (from just about any price) you should consider the GF-H1 / Shengya V-518 tower speakers for large size rooms, if you need something smaller, then look at the GF-H2 / Shengya V-218.

This speaker is a perfect match for 300B tube amps and most other amps too. They can work perfectly as a front main speakers for a home theatre system to deliver air-moving bass without a sub woofer.

The amount of detail these speakers present is stunning. You will hear things you have never heard before in your music, while maintaing a natural and balanced sound, quite the achievement.

Also note in the picture it shows the GF-H1 / Shengya V-518's sitting beside a pair of B&W 801D's, that retails for more than $20k but the V518 do not shine on performance at all. This was in a $250k very large soundroom, so room size didn't come into play, with 600w per Channel Hybrid Mono Blocks powering both sets. System synergy come into play, but about 1/10 the cost of the B&W's plus a much higher Wife Appreciating Factor. Pictured is the original speaker designer on the right and my 'other' set of ears Rick for the trip to factory on the left.

If you have never experienced horn speakers yet, these Shengya horn speakers are affordable to get into it and experience the music details you have never heard before. Many horn speakers are at $6000+ price range and this is about half of that price. You will need a decent sized room to allow the horn to show its full potential - if you own a 300B tube amp, these are perfect mate for your amp :) 


  1. Finely tuned Bass reflex system for accurate bass extension
  2. Horn tweeter frequency extends to 30kHz to create an open air soundstage
  3. Die cut aluminum basket for low coloration and reduce distortion
  4. Isolation rings to lower IM distortion
  5. Optimized cone geometry by using the most advanced FEA tools
  6. Ventilated design for low air noise
  7. X-over: high quality metalized p.p. film capacitor, air core inductor to lower distortion


  • Frequency Response - 30 to 20 Khz +1/-3db
  • Efficiency - 92db @ 1watt @ 1 meter
  • Impedance - 8 ohms
  • Min. Power Requirements - 20 watts, 10 watts tube. Max. 200 watts, 100 watts tube
  • 8" High-Grade Paper Cone Drivers to match the speed of the Horn Tweeter
  • Beautiful Cheery Vineer on high grade reinforced MDF.
  • 27kg each x 2 net weight, gross weight 30kg x 2
  • Size; 28 X 33 x 110 cm (WxDxH) each

Customer Reviews
Unknown brand for north Americans, Sheng Ya is one of the most reputable high-end Chinese manufacturer. I travel often to China and they do have this reputation. These speakers are absolutely fabulous in many ways. Extremely detailed highs & mids plus a wonderfully warm and deep acoustic bass. No need for subwoofer here. Wood horn with soft dome tweeter and dual paper woofers is the recipe for great sound. The workmanship is amazing. Anyway music comes first no matter the price you paid. Highly recommended from an experienced audiophile tired to break the bank!

You can't go wrong with these marvellous speakers, you will not be disappointed...:)
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