SSPC-2.5 High Purity Silver Speaker Cables (pair)

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 Why use silver for audio cable?

In the world of metal conductor, silver is the best conductor of electricity, followed by copper. 

  • Silver - 1.59 (Best)  micro-ohms per centimeter
  • Copper - 1.72 (2nd best) micro-ohms per centimeter 

High purity silver is desired for high end audio for its ability to transfer signal fast and accurate. With proper shielding and high quality terminals, silver cable has become a must-have companion for ultra high end audio systems. 

The SSPC-2.5  speaker cable contains two high purity silver core conductors, allowing music signals be transferred fast and accurately. To assure the highest signal fidelity, the SSPC-2.5 silver speaker cable is equipped with anti-magnetic, 24K gold coated spade terminations. The cable transfers treble, mid and bass frequencies in exceptionally accurate way. Overall the listening impression is sweet, dynamic, 3D spatial and airy. 

For cable construction, the SSPC-2.5 is built with silver conductors individually shielded with a layer of Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethene, one of the best materials for insulation of magnetic interference and anti-shock) and a layer of PVC. 

Each of the shielded conductors is then parallel arranged in an air-filled tube. On the outmost surface of the cable are two separate layers of PVC and nylon jacket.

The cable design shows that the signal protection and insulation are carefully consolidated at every step during the cable construction.

This unique structure of the SSPC-2.5 silver speaker cable can prevent any minor vibration and provide an ultra quiet background for signal transduction. The SSPC-2.5 will vividly reveal and deliver even the finest bit in the music detail during your listening session. 

Standard length is 8 ft each. If you need custom length, please contact us for a quoation. 

Only available with spade connectors. 


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