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RPF-120 MKII Reference Power Conditioner

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Newly enhanced MKII version..This is probably one of the best performing power conditioner designed for audio at this price range. 


Grant Fidelity Reference Series RPF-120 MKII power conditioner, weighs 5 kg, with a heavy duty inductor coil and other engineered devices inside to clean up your power to improve sound and picture quality without a mega dollar price tag. This power conditioner is special-designed for audiophile grade sound quality optimization, recording studios and live club venues. The power conditioner draws, isolates and filters power from behind your walls, ensuring you are getting a clean and stable power supply. Musicians are enjoying the RPF-120 in their less than ideal performance venues. 


It comes with 8 grounded outlets and maximum load 2200 watts under 220V, or 1100 watts under 110V. It competes very well with major brands costing $750.00 and up. 

  • Upgraded 6N (99.9999%) pure copper heavy duty audiophile power cord instead of standard IEC cord
  • Built-in fuse to protect the device from damages caused by accidental overload 


Past Customer Comments:

“I'm getting richer ‘midrange bloom’, quiet (i.e., silent) backgrounds and ‘silky smooth, shimmering highs’ like never before.”
“They are without a doubt one of the very best buys I’ve come across in audio”


Dagogo review - Richard Austin


"The result was not subtle. Bass weight was improved rather dramatically, and the entire treble band of my CD player was cleared up to sound less bright and spitzy, with everything coming from a deeper-black background.  

The difference on acoustic guitar was quite a revelation but even on pop music – Sarah McLachlan’s and Delerium’s “Silence” -- resulted in a sound that retained the power but without a hint of glassy CD sound. Having owned my CD player for 12 years, it was the first time it managed to sound a sizeable step up from its class.
Curious and impressed as I was, I wanted to try the Conditioner and cables on my Audio Note OTO Phono SE, and here again I was quite impressed with the results. The OTO is often said not likely to take advantage of power cables; but I have to put my skeptic hat in the drawer and advise that if you have the OTO, or Audio Note amps, you owe it to yourself to try these power cords – for the price of this conditioner it is certainly worth an audition in your system. 
What I found most interesting is that I didn’t need to turn the OTO’s volume knob up as high to get the same perceived volume level. Now, this may not be a big deal for some, but with the OTO and its mere 10 watts, well you want to wrestle as much power as you can get.  I can not recommend these power cords and conditioner enough especially when you factor in the prices, which, in the world of audiophilia, is a pittance."


Previous version reviewed by Mike Peshkin @ Positive Feedback Online in Oct 2008:


"The MPF-120 (GF: should be RPF-120) does what any good power conditioner should do—filter out the dirt. But I want it to do something else, in the area where I live it MUST protect the equipment from surges. My neighborhood has at least one or two power interruptions every single month! One reason is electric lines that delivered power to about 10 farms now delivers power to a few hundred (thousand?) homes. The reason isn't important, I've griped to the powers that be and they merely shrug their collective shoulders. The micro-blackout scares the heck out of me, but when one occurred while listening to music with the Grant Fidelity in the line I didn't even know it had happened. "Did you know the power went out again," asked my wife. "Nope, didn't hear a thing." This is NOT a power supply, it does not generate any electricity; but the micro black-out and subsequent surge did not interrupt my enjoyment listening to music. The black box does its job!"


Special note from manufacturer: 

Please note that this is a power conditioner designed for audio improvement and will protect your gear from power spikes. A power surge is a spike lasting over half a second and your electricity circuit breaker should be triggered in such a circumstance. It is strongly suggested that in no circumstance the components plugged into the device should be over the maximum load of 2200w (for 220V) or 1100w (for 110V) depending on your local power voltage. 


Frequently asked questions by customers: 


How should I use the RPF-120 MKII with your PC-1.5 power cord


Grant Fidelity's PC-1.5 power cord is very popular among audiophiles because of its noticeable improvement in sound performance when used with many audio components, from mid-fi to absolute high fidelity. It is priced only for under $200 each so music lovers can afford to use it everywhere in their music playback system. 

When you use a RPF-120 MKII power conditioner, use the power cord provided with the RPF-120 MKII from wall to the power conditioner. This stock cord is made of very high grade copper for excellent conductance but doesn't have a built-in RF filter as the PC-1.5 does, so it won't over filter the power supply. The RPF-120 MKII will do the job to clean up your power supply and smooth out power spikes. 

Use your PC-1.5 to connect your component to the power conditioner - the PC-1.5 will further clean up 60Hz unwanted noises in the power supply which has been filtered through RPF-120 MKII. In this order, we have found that the RPF-120 MKII and PC-1.5 power cord perform the best and provide you the most audio improvement for the money. 



Value Package
Buy PC-1.5 Performance Power Cord and get RPF-120 MKII Reference Power Conditioner at an additional 10% off our everyday low price.
Total Price: $450.00
Price for the Bundle: $417.50
This Item: RPF-120 MKII Reference Power Conditioner
PC-1.5 Performance Power Cord
Customer Reviews
posted April 2009 - moved from old site:

"Ok, my RPF-120 Mk II from Grant Fidelity has arrived and I’ve been listening. It has universal plug sets. It has gotten me back to what I was hearing with a friend's Shunyata. Maybe a bit more so. Things in the far field are more succinct. On an Ani DiFranco disc which sounds like it was recorded in a garage, she asked her bass player a question who is off mike. The reply was perfectly clear before but now it is less like a two dimensional image of a person and more like a person that's there, round and filled out. Art Blakey's vocal encouragement of his soloists on Free For All (Blue Note 2004 re-issue), a burner BTW, is clearly more distinct and articulated. Little sounds within the orchestra on Telarc’s Carmina Burana pop in and out more succinctly.
More information cleanly emerges is the short of it. I suppose that has to do with a lower noise floor. But a bigger joy to me was the added lifelikeness. Hope I can find more of that in my recordings to come."
received by email from Kian, posted Sept 2010 - moved from old site:

"Feedback from customer Kian N in USA by email:

Hi Rachel,

I received the power conditioner and have been running my components through it since yesterday. It has made a very audible improvement to my system which quite honestly I wasn't expecting. I had some sibilance problems on my digital front end and the conditioner has greatly diminished the problem...that, I was expecting. What I was not expecting was the improvement in bass...tight, tuneful bass which makes my speakers sound even larger. Nor was I expecting how a power conditioner could generally make the sound more 3 dimensional. I'm very satisfied with the purchase..."
Eric in Canada
received by email: "I noticed a big difference in bass right away. Not sure why. This is clearly better than My monster conditioner."
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