RCA-1 Performance Interconnects

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MSRP US$99.00 per pair (1 meter / 3 ft length)

The Grant Fidelity RCA-1 is an excellent neutral cable with dynamics that are hard to match even with very expensive cables. Our retailers and customers are finding they work well with most systems. 

No cable no matter how expensive is NOT going to 'add' dynamics to your system, many will reduce the dynamics at certain frequencies to give them 'a sound', useful for tweaking or tuning your system but sometime may block your components' potential - "choke" the sound.

We always suggest you start with signal cabling that is neutral and allow your component to shine by itself. At $99 per pair the RCA-1 is something you shouldn't miss, especially before you venture onto invest multitube times more on system tweaking.

This directional RCA-1 is made from 5N OFC copper conductors, teflon shielded jacketing with decent quality gold plated connectors that make a quick and solid connection.

It beats box store brands hands down and may save you hundreds on unnecessary tweaking which may end up choking your system. Let your system breath, naturally. 


(please note some stock comes with manufacturer Jungson Audio's original jacketing and connectors without GF logo printed on during production process. They are exactly the same cable just with cosmetic difference. No change of quality whatsoever.)


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