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ALL PureAudioProject speaker models are available to be ordered via Grant Fidelity for delivery across Canada and USA.

Check out all models currently available at www.PureAudioProject.com, and contact us to place your order. We handle all logistics for you, and bear all import fees for Canadian buyers. 


PureAudioProject Trio10 / Trio15 Baffle Set

 Summer Warehouse Clearance - No rain check.. one each only 

PureAudioProject Trio15TB Neo Open Baffle Speakers (pair)

Unleash the heavenly sound of Open baffle speakers featuring 2 X 15" bass woofer and 8" full range driver, come as Ikea style flat package. Tool-less self assemble, at fraction of the price of a similar performance grade box speakers - CREATE YOUR SPEAKER right in your living room! 

PureAudioProject Trio15 Heil Open Baffle Speakers (pair)

The legendary ESS Heil original Air Motion Transformer - 'Sound as clear as light'!

PureAudioProject Trio15 Beyma Open Baffle Speakers (pair)

 The pinnacle of Air Motion Transformer (AMT) Horn speakers with absolute resoluation, while maintaining warmth and mass to every note. 

PureAudioProject Trio15 Voxativ Open Baffle Speakers (pair)

Arguably the world's best full range driver from Germany.. Voxativ. 

PureAudioProject Trio15 Horn1 Open Baffle Speakers (pair)

 Classic wood horn... with deep bass and beautiful tones...