Psvane T-845 Super Tube Power Amplifier (Pair)

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This model is only available by custom order and Factroy Direct Shipping from Psvane Audio factory in China to worldwide buyers. Typical turnaround time is 2 weeks (if stock available at factory) after full payment received and transit time add additional 5-7 business days by air express. Please specify voltage requirement - 115V for North America or 230V for Europe and Australia




This is Psvane Audio's current highest quality audiophile power amps - only launched Feb 2011 under the Psvane (Pavane) Reference series. The people behind this amp's design are the team who developed and launched the highly sought after Treasure / Psvane black bottle vacuum tubes - they sure know what's good sound :) 

First of all, these monoblocks are BIG - they make a grand statement for you about your seriousness of high fidelity audio:

  • Size: 16.5" W x 23" D x 10.5" H each
  • Weight: 44kg each / 97 lbs each

If the size and weight do not impress you, read on :) .... 

This pair of power monoblocks are designed with 300B tube to drive a pair of 845 vacuum tubes to produce beautiful midrange but with loads of power. It is designed to address audiophile's complaint that '300B amps are not powerful enough to drive those non-high efficiency speakers, but I still want the 300B sound'. The double power single ended 845 power will overcome those limitations, so that even with a pair of 84-89dB regular efficiency speakers, you can still enjoy the silky smooth sound of 300B with 845 tube's large sound stage. 

Compared to the commonly seen Push-Pull 845 high power monoblocks design on other brands, which will more or less have crossover distortion as two tubes are used in push-pull design , the T845 uses Single Ended Triode paralelle circuit design - you benefit of superior single ended triode design without crossover distortion, plus double the power of regular SET amps. It provides 50w pure Class A power for each channel. 

The King of all vacuum tubes - 845 tubes are used as output power tubes to deliver the beauty of 300B midrange sweetness, plus the punch and feel of spatial 3-D sound stage. You never feel the sound is 'thin' from this pair of power amps. 


  • Separate transformers for high and low voltage - minimize noises caused by voltage interference inside the amp
  • German Permalloy used in all 12 hand wound transformers - 6 transformers for each channel
  • Pure Class A 50 watts SET Paralelle design - double the power compared to standard SET design (25w) with better control of low frequency, without losing the magic of SET circuitry
  • Little negative feedback used in circuit design
  • Very neat layout inside - super easy for changing caps or upgrade components if you wish (yes this will void manufacturers warranty but audiophiles sometimes are known for not being able to keep our hands off our equipment) 
  • Stainless steel transformer cover to ensure quick heat dissipation 
  • German 1/2" aluminum top plate with no screws visible on the top of the amp
  • Custom silver foil capacitors and Jensen silver signal wire inside
  • Custom Gold coated pure copper 845 tube sockets for long term best connection
  • Production process follow vintage Western Electric standards to ensure highest build quality
  • Custom 120V transformer for North American market - other voltage please special order
  • Easy manual bias on all four 845 tubes individually - you can monitor your tubes health closely and keep your amp in top notch performance all the time
  • Easy to move the amp around by lifting the edge of the 1/2" aluminum top plate (it's a 2-person job to move these amps - do not attempt by yourself! ) 


  • Input Impedance: 600 ohm (RCA), 300 ohm (XLR)
  • Input power voltage: 200mV
  • Output power: 50 watts per channel Pure Class A (8ohm, RMS)
  • Output impedance: 4 ohm and 8 ohm
  • Frequency Response range: 20 Hz - 20kHz
  • THD: less than 1.5%
  • S/N ratio: 85 dB
  • Power supply: AC 120V 60Hz +/-10% 
  • Power consumption: 300 watts per channel
  • Net weight: 44kg / 97 lbs per channel
  • Size: 16.5" W x 23" D x 10.5" H
  • Tube included in the price: 4 x 845 tubes, 2 x 300B tubes, 2 x 6SN7 - all clear glass stanard tubes. High end tubes upgrade is available at exra cost of $1500 for a complete extra set. 

Note: In order to get the full potential out of this pair of monoblocks' bottom end low frequency performance, we strongly suggest you to match them with the T417 preamp from the same series for impedance matching (600 Ohm low impedance) and maximum power output. They are great looking and great sounding together as a 4 pc set-up (preamplifer has separate power supply). When you use a high output impedance preamp to drive these monoblocks, you may not get the full low frequency that these amps can deliver. 


To view the picture gallery of T845 amps paired with various speakers - submitted by worldwide cutsomer:


Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) The amp transformer cover looks like have marks on it from the packaging resin foam, how do I clean it? 

A: The contact between the stainless steel transformer cover and the resin foam may leave a residual mark on the stainless steel over the time of storage. This is normal and it's not a defect of the amp. These marks are not permanent and can be easily removed with a stainless steel polish. We have used the Hagerty 100 All Metal Polish with great results. This polish comes in a toothpaste-like tube - simply apply a small amount on the stainless steel surface, wipe / rub it with a cottom pad (you can find these pads in any drugstore where they sell nail polish removers), then shine the stainless steel until the cotton pad comes clean/non-black. You can find the Hagerty 100 All Metal Polish at HomeDepot in USA or in Canada - at $7.99 in USA or $11.00 in Canada. 

 2) Can I get this amp in 220-240V? 

A: Yes this model is available by factory direct shipping. Voltage is made to order. 


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