PC-1.5 Performance Power Cord

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 Please note the sale price is for DEMO Power cord with visible cosmetic wear and tear, but power cord works without flaws. Only few left on hand. Once sold out, this model will be FOREVER GONE. Google it out to see many many rave reviews by past customers for this 'best value for money' power cord. FINAL CLEARANCE SALE - NO RETURN AND NO REFUND. 


This PC-1.5 power cord is one of those audio accessories that the value it provides is much higher than the price tag indicates. Some power cables providing this level of sonic difference will cost at least a few times of the price. But we believe that power cord is power cord - it shouldn't be priced outrageously high and cannot be justified by the materials used to make it! 


If you are looking to improve your system in the most economic way, power cord should be one of the places where you start. Garbage in, garbage out. We all know the theory but many people are dumping hundreds or even thousands of dollars on signal cables, tubes or capacitors upgrade but forget about the blood of your system - the power needs to be clean to make your system really sing! 


These isn't much things high-tech special about this PC-1.5 power cord so I won't throw in those scary audio terminology to confuse you. The PC-1.5 is made with high grade 5N oxygen free copper, properly engineered for audio to clean up ground noises, and well shielded. Durable, flexible to fit in small space and reliable. Above all, it is priced reasonably to match up with all mid or high end systems. You can afford to upgrade your source and your amp at the same time without being broke. You can even put it on your big screen TV to see the picture quality improves if you happen to be in a dirty power area. 


Take a look of what our customers say about it (scroll down the page - a lot more at the bottom under 'comments'): 


From our forum, by manicman: 


"I bought two of the Grant Fidelity PC 1.5 power cords a couple of weeks ago to try. At this writing I have purchased and installed twelve in my two systems. They are without a doubt one of the very best buys I’ve come across in audio" 

The 'must have in your system' Grant Fidelity PC-1.5 Power Cable has been getting great reviews from dealers and customers. One of our dealers has replaced all his display system's $400 and $1500 cables with the GF PC-1.5.

This cable is based on a unique design with High Grade Pure 5n (99.999%) 16 gauge twisted copper, with teflon insulation and a high grade RF Filter and Hospital Grade Gold Plated connectors.

Results have shown that the bottom end in cleaned up, allowing the bass notes to sing instead of thump, which also leads to a sweeter midrange and top end. If you have a big screen TV you should try this cable on it too and see how 'Black' your TV can get.

Listing price is for standard 1.5m (5ft length).




Customer Reviews

Reviewed by MrAcoustat , 09/27/2012

Keep It Simple.
1 = integrated amplifier
1 = cd player
2 = acoustat interfaces
Very decent product affordable and great service Thank You Rachel & Ian

PS: You realy deserve that 5 stars rating