MSC-2.5 Pure 6N Copper Reference Speaker Cables (pair)

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The MSC-2.5 is our top of the line pure copper speaker cable (6N grade) and is suitable for providing a dynamic, balanced and relaxed sound to ultra high end system. 

Priced to fit in your budget and will easily compete with 'much pricier' cables in $1000 range. You won't want to hide this cable, it's jacketting and hand carved, real wood trim results in high wife appreciation factor. High purity copper with high grade teflon insulation, poly protective and decorative jacketting.

Spade connectors only. 

Some demo cables available at discount - use drop down list to select. 

2.5m (8ft) or 3.5m (12ft) length available. Gold coated Spade plugs only. 

Please note: Some cables has the wood decoration engraved with Grant Fidelity logo, while some have our cable manufacturer Jungson Audio's logo engraved. 

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