MRCA-1 Gold Coated Copper Reference Interconnects

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Suggested Retail Price: $399 USD for 3ft pair; $549 USD for 6ft pair. 


This interconnect cable is almost like delicate jewellery. You can feel it when you hold it in your hands.


It was previously known as Jungson "Golden Dragon" - manufacturered by China's premier audio manufacturer Jungson Audio. Grant Fidelity exclusively distribute their products in Canada and USA.


With this cable , you can experience the purity of an 11.2% gold impregnated copper conductor. Lively and transparent sound that you feel there is no veil in front of your sound stage anymore.  

Tested with all of our amps, sources, pre-amps as well as our usual group of testers on their systems and the results are unaminous, it can compete head-to-head with cables priced over $1k. See past customers feedback below: 


listing price is for a pair. 

Available length: 3 ft or 6 ft - please select in drop down list. 

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