Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 D/A Converter

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MSRP: $475.00
Ship to: : Worldwide Free Shipping
Voltage: : Dual voltage - 115/230V

This TubeDAC model has been successfully closed out after 5 years on the market. We had many many supporters worldwide who enjoyed our 'high end, not high priced' offering. 

With the ever changing digital world, and our business changes after Ian's passing away, we have decided no longer restock this model and it will not be replaced by a new model either. 

May Ian's legacy of pursuit of perfect sound at reasonable price lives on through many DAC-11's on the market. 

Again I on behalf of Grant Fidelity thank everyone's support from my heart. 

Please feel free to check out our other audio offerings and we look forward to servicing you again. 







Review by John ( forum member):


"The Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 is a stunning example of just how much you can get for your money these days. It has so many functions and not one of them is a weak link – each is well implemented and performs to a very high standard. The nex cheapest product I can think of that offers this much functionality in such a small box (the Matrix Quattro DAC) goes for twice the price. I can absolutely see the TubeDAC acting as the very capable heart of many an audio system................If you are strictly looking for a stand-alone headphone amp, or a DAC with USB input only, then the TubeDAC-11 may not be on your radar. Then again, being smart means realizing that your system may expand, and planning for that occurrence. In that respect the TubeDAC-11 has you covered. You just have to get over the idea that more features for the money equates to some compromise. That’s just not my experience with this device. 

I commend Yulong for once again delivering a stellar product for a reasonable price, and I commend Grant Fidelity for making the right choice in aligning themselves with Yulong. In my humble opinion there is simply no better buy at $350 than the TubeDAC-11." Read full review here.     



Marvin Bolden - StereoMojo Review:

"The midrange is bigger with the Piano but the TubeDac-11's midrange is mesmerizing.  The Tube DAC 11 retains the "tubaresent" sound but is much more extended in the high end.  The smoothness and the overall balance is to die for and I can't say this enough: that dead silent background just makes it so much easier to experience finer details in the music.  It seems that as you introduce the TubeDac-11 to better equipment, the better it sounds.

I know baseball is an American (of the United States variety) sport but Ian and Rachael, you have hit this one out of the park in value, versatility, fun , and sound."   Read full review here

Dean Seislove from Positive Feedback Online:


'There seems to be a concerted effort to retain the delicacy of a musical performance, an accomplishment largely achieved by an impressive spatial separation and depth. Recommended"   Read full review here



The TubeDAC-11 Turns up to 5 of of your source players into High-End Tube Source Players. 


This newly designed Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 replaces the hugely popular previous TubeDAC-09 but still keeps all the popular features and will process uo to 24/192 high res signals plus a much more refined sound. 


High fidelity re-design from ground up, and still with a reasonable budget in mind. This vacuum Tube Digital-to-Analog Converter will connect you with modern media technologies without sacrificing the sound quality of analog. 


It is a 5-in-1 unit: can be used as 1) external USB DAC for laptop through any output, 2) headphone amp, 3) tube processor for analog signal, 4) digital decoder for optical and coaxial signal, 5) pre-amplifier with volume control


You can use it directly with your digital source such as laptop and music server and play music back through your existing amplifier or powered speakers. Or you can simply get a pair of high quality headphones and enjoy the music in private! 


Breath new life into your older CD or DVD players either by connecting them to the digital or analog inputs. Turn your Blue Ray Player into a higher-end music/audio player.


Computer game music will also become less fatiguing with the tube processing of the TubeDAC-11.



  • (5) sets of selectable inputs to allow you plenty of choices - including 2 sets RCA, 1 coaxial, 1 optical and 1 USB  
  • (2) sets of RCA Outputs tailored to your taste - one with transistor and one with a single 6N11 vacuum tube (can be replaced with 6922, E88CC, 6DJ8, 6H23n and CCa tubes) with passive volume control
  • DAC direct output - by pass tube buffer stage and volume control for you to match the DAC with other high end amplification (amp must have its own volume control as DAC direct output pass signal at full volume)
  • Built-in transistor headphone amp to allow you enjoy music in privacy (standard 6.5mm jack). Alternatively, you can use a RCA to 6.5mm jack adapter to connect headphones directly to the rear tube output. Note: front solid state headphone out can accept headphone with impedance as low as 16ohm; rear tube out only work properly with headphones with impedance over 300 ohm. 
  • Key parts are of audiophile quality throughout 
  • High efficiency low noise custom toroidal transformer which is usually only used on high end audio 
  • Separate power supply to tube circuitry to reduce interference
  • Gold coated signal connectors throughout
  • No over-samping - input singal pass through at original sampling rate
  • TE7022 USB 2.0 decoding chip is used to process data at 24/96kHz
  • High quality Cirrus Logic CS4398 for main D/A converter - provide rich mid-range and low clock jitter
  • ADA4075-2 as opamp for sweet midrange
  • Dual voltage (115/230V +/-10% wide range) for you to take it with you anywhere in the world
  • Brushed aluminum faceplate and complete casing 
  • Complete set of cables included: (1) IEC power cord, (1) RCA, (1) Coaxial, (1) Optical and (1) USB




  • Input: Optical, Coaxial, USB,Analong x 2 
  • Input digital signal format: 32-192 KHz, 16/24 Bit auto detection. (USB 2.0 supports up to 24Bit 96KHz)
  • Output: DAC output, pre line output , tube buffer output.
  • SNR: >120dB.
  • Dynamic Range: 115dB.
  • THD+N: <0.0008% at 20-20KHz (tube out :0.02%)
  • Frequency response: 20-20KHz -0.2dB.
  • Output Level: DAC output: 2V, pre line output/ tube buffer output:max 6V
  • Output Impedance: Line out and Tube out - <20 ohm, DAC out < 600 ohm
  • Headphone output power: 110mW at 300 Ohm, and 600mW at 32 Ohm
  • Channel separation: DAC and Headphone output - 105dB; Tube output - 90 dB
  • Power consumption: <20W.
  • Net Dimensions: 10" W x 7" D x 2" H
  • Net Weight: 1.6Kg (3.5 lb)
  • Package Size: 12" W x 12" D x 4" H
  • Color: black faceplate or silver faceplate 


There are so many ways to use the TubeDAC-11.... the chart below is for your inspiration :) 






Frequently Asked Questions: 


1. How to set the DAC-11 to the correct voltage? 

A: There is red switch at the back panel of the DAC-11. You need to switch it to the position that your local voltage (either 115V or 230V) is visible to you. After this you can safely plug in and turn on your DAC-11 to enjoy. 


2. Why my DAC-11 doesn't sit flat on my desk? 

A: It has been brought to our attention that a few of the first production batch have the 4 rubber feet uneven - one foot may appear to be short by 1 to 2mm. As the rubber feet are parts provided by 3rd party and the factory assembly bench has a soft surface to avoid scratch to the casing, this problem wasn't identified before shipping. We recommend to use a small felt pad on one of the feet to compensate the uneven height if needed. Next production run will address this issue from factory by using a different parts supplier. 


3. Why my DAC-11 doesn't appear to sound balanced with left and right channel when I turn the volume to very low? 

A: The DAC-11 uses a high end mechnical potentiometer volume control to give you the best sound quality at normal listening level (left and right level volume difference no more than 0.5dB). However, mechnical potentiometer volume adjustment is not linear at very low and very high level. This is normal and it's not a defect of the volume control. Digital volume control will be 100% linear all the way but the sound quality is no where near the high end mechnical one. There are several ways to adjust your playback system to make the DAC-11 NOT to operate at the non-linear gain section, then the left and right channel will be balanced properly at your listening level. 

a) When using low impedance headphones and if you find the imbalance bothers you at low volume, you can consider to use an impedance adapter. 

b)when using computer as digital source, you can adjust your computer volume to less than full, then turn the DAC-11 volume up to skip the non-linear gain section. 

c) when using DAC-11 with an amplifer with its own volume control, you can turn up the volume of DAC-11 and turn down the amplifier volume to get to your preferred listening volume.


4. What is the DAC-11's output via DAC out and Line Out / Tube Out? Where do I set the volume to optimize the performance?   

A: The TubeDAC-11's maximum output is 6V RMS thru the Tube and Line outputs, 2V RMS on the DAC Direct Out. The entire output stage was tweaked to make a volume control that can be used for the various scenarios. 

1). As a traditional DAC the volume knob sets Tube and Line Outs to the right level for your pre-amp or integrated from the 5 sources (typically 1/2 to 3/4 volume, with 3/4 typically being about 2.5v). We find that with our showroom equipment just under 3/4 volume is where we like it, probably just over 2v. The DAC Direct of course has no volume control and only the 3 digital inputs comes out the DAC Direct Out. We expect most will use both the DAC Direct Out and the Tube Out to their pre-amp stage and switch between to suit your music library selection and sources. We run all 3 outs at the same time into our pre-amp stages on our showroom systems, always fun to be able to get 3 flavours of sound at the switch of your pre-amps input control. We found that adding a switch to take the volume control out of the circuit was more of detriment to the sonics than have the volume control always present. Plus you can always run the DAC Direct out thru something like our B-283MKII tube processor loaded up with the Treasure/Psvane CV181-Z/T upgrade tubes or your favourite 6SN7 for a whole new world of high-end TubeDAC. Or run the DAC Direct Out to a dedicated headphone amp, which can sometimes be difficult incorporate into a system without manually switching cables around.

2). As a standalone pre-amp the TubeDAC-11 is vastly improved over our DAC-09 in that the range of the volume is much expanded, with vintage amps that produce full power at typically 1v, you will likely get to half volume before your amp clips, with more modern amps that range from 1.5 to 2.5 v to develop full power, you will get closer to 3/4 volume before clipping, for more stubborn amps that need lots of drive, the TubeDAC-11 is quite capable up to full volume. 

3). As a standalone Headphone amp (both tube and SS) DAC-11 was designed in such a way that that both front (SS) and back (Tube with RCA to headphone jack adapter) will drive just about any normal headphone design out there, again giving a useful volume control range.

4). Computer Audio, Home Theatre, Recording Studios all bring lots of other requirements that the TubeDAC-11 can (hopefully) handle and most of this because of volume control design.

When setting the TubeDAC's volume control as a DAC to your pre-amp stage we suggest using the DAC Direct out as your reference to see where the TubeDAC-11's volume control matches that, just switch between the two outputs on your pre-amp. Then do some careful listeing as to where the Tube Out volumes starts to sing with your system, for low power SET amps we find a little boost helps a lot, for big power we find backing off relaxes the system a lot, experiment and you will find the right synergy between the TubeDAC-11 and your equipment. 


The TubeDAC-11 Turns up to 5 of of your source players into High-End Tube Source Players. including:


CD Player, DVD Player, Blue Ray Player, SACD Player, iPad, iPod, MP3 Player, MP4 player Computer, Netbook, Notebook, Laptop, PhonoStage, SS DAC, TapeDeck, Tuner, X-box ™, Wii ™, Playstation ™, Sattelite Box, Cable Box, TV, Internet Radio, Wireless Audio, Sonos ™, Airport Express ™, Squeezebox ™ and anything else with digital or analog audio outputs.


By adding the TubeDAC-11 before any Solid State amplification system from a few dollars to multi thousand dollar systems you will get a dramatic improvement to your music enjoyment.







Customer Reviews

Reviewed by dolphyisgod , 11/12/2012

Posted by customer at

"Let me just say that I'm not the kinda guy that's obsessed with cords and cables. I use quality cables all around, but I'd rather obsess on the equipment. Check that, I'd *really* rather obsess on the music, which is the only reason that I've loaded up on the equipment.

So OK, that said... PC 1.5: WOW! I picked one up for my TD-11 not expecting much of a difference and... WOW! Almost instantly bass tamed down and mids & trebs sang. I didn't lose anything at any range, but it was like everything was more... together. Soundstage too. The presentation came forward, and the field became more unified, if that makes sense. Instead of left-center-right, or bass-mid-treble, there was more of a unified presentation all around.

I liked it so much I picked up another PC 1.5 for my preamp. And now things are... well... WOW! Wish you were here to hear it.

I'm so lost in the sound I haven't even begun to roll tubes. When I start doing that you will not likely see many posts from me on AK, as I'll be firmly planted in front of my system.

So in conclusion, if you've got an 11, or an 09, or anything else for that matter, get the 1.5. Nuff said."

Reviewed by Wayne , 03/21/2012

Posted on head-fi:
"the DAC-11 is an outstanding performer, not only for its excellent sound quality but for the many features it has and foremost for the remarkable price-to-performance ratio. An easy recommendation."

Read full review here:

Reviewed by Ed B, 02/13/2012

Hi Ian,
I've had my TubeDAC-11 for about 4 months and think it's the best improvement per dollar I've ever spent in my 26 years as an audiophile. It's a really fine achievement. As the heart of my computer/HDTV system it's hitched to my MacMini and HDTV via System Concepts Toslink cables and drives Quad 9L Active near-field speakers with DIY Pro Studio RCA cables. These three components are very well matched and the results are high-end indeed, especially with the use of better software (Decibel and Pure Music) in replacement of iTunes.

Again, congratulations on what is clearly one of the best sub-$1000.00 computer DACs around. No small accomplishment given the many competent DACs now crowding the field.

Ed B.

Reviewed by Fred S, 02/09/2012

received by email:
"I am quite enjoying my Tubedac-11 with streamed music services from my
Ipod. I have a Pure-i20 Dock which lets me bypass the internac DAC via
toslink cable so I am able to take full advantage of the Tubedac

It is particularly impressive when you run the music through the tube
output to my amplifier. At some moments, it sounds so good that I think I
am listening instead to my Raysonic tube CD player. All this from a 128kbs
stream music service."

Reviewed by Catcher 1, 02/09/2012

Posted on forum:

"Well I received my Grant Fidelity TubeDAC11 yesterday. Packaged very well, secure and all complete. Make sure you check the voltage switch on the back and select as appropriate for your region.

This will be my most extensive review, since I plan on spending soooo much time listening and letting the tube develop fully. I plan to add to this post as the DAC11 warms up.

I have never proclaimed to have the nicest system. Most of my friends like my system, like its sound.....especially since adding the Epos Epic2's.
I listen to mainly vinyl at home, then my ZuneHD 32GB player, finally CDs.

I spent probably an hour fooling with all the connections and playing with them some on my receiver and the DAC. As of last night I did not notice very much difference in the Tube Out versus the Line Out.....So I have it as Tube Out for now.
Lemme backup....

I chose the DAC 11 because it allowed connection of my vintage CDP, which only has RCA analog out, no optical and no coax. I also wanted to connect my TT to the DAC as well as my ZuneHD using the Zune dock which has an optical out, more on that later.

I connected the CDP and TT to the analog inputs on the DAC. Then connected the Tube Out to my Onkyo receivers CD input. I did this for one main reason, my Onkyo has a CD-Direct option which bypasses all tone and balance controls of the Onkyo TX-870.....that natural sound. Depending on the CD mastering, I have not always been able to use CD-Direct, since a lot of CDs sounded too flat, no substance and minimal bass Epos have fixed most of that though as compared to the Bose I had previous.
The DAC11 has done wonders for my Sony CDP-302.....Every CD I played last night was done thru CD-Direct, bass response was excellent, its all there as needed. Mids/highs are well, as natural and dare I say as "analog" as can be...It was a pleasure listening to CD's again. Warmth does not fully describe the sound of my CDP......natural seems a better description.
I really was not expecting this much improvement since I was not going to the DAC with optical or coax from the CDP........but I am very pleased, I suspect it is 100% due to using the Tube Out option.

Now for the best part......My turntable, ummm WOW! is what came out of my mouth last night.
I have this connected to the line B on the DAC, and again as Tube Out to the Onkyo.
Before I connected to the DAC, I listened to Dream Theater "Best of Times", the quiet intro of piano, then violin and string guitar gave me a good base to compare.
Then I played the vinyl thru the DAC, again all running thru my CD-Direct option, which allowed me to play the vinyl bypassing tone and balance controls.
Detail, clarity, sounstage are words that came to me last night......the quiet passages were quiet. The acoustic guitar was in my room, the violin was well more melancholy than I ever imagined. I also heard sounds I had not heard before on vinyl or on my digital copy, the DAC brought out more sounds from my TT.
I absolutely was not expecting this much improvement from my TT thru the DAC....again I will blame this on the Tube out option.
I then played Yes CTTE side original 1972 copy is in great shape. The distorted Steve Howe guitar, was more enjoyable, it was not so screechy, you could hear more during that craziness of makes more sense now. I can't wait to play more vinyl....I need to go shopping soon!

Now for what I wanted a DAC for in the first ZuneHD 32GB player. Its what I use to play all my digital files and ripped CDs. I run this thru a Zune dock which has an optical out. I connected the supplied toslink cable, selected the OPT option on the DAC, pressed play on my Zune and voila!!! ....nothing happened?? So I started playing with all the connections, did all scenarios I can think of...still nothing, I was bumbed thinking it was not compatible.
Then I remembered.....since I disconnected the Zune dock audio cable, and connected a new optical cable, I needed to "reset" the Zune dock. So I powered down the ZuneHD and also unplugged the Zune dock power supply. Docked the Zune powered it all up and soon as I hit play, the digital light on the DAC 11 came and then I had sound.....and boy did it sound AWESOME!!!!
Natural, warm, vinylie, all those words audiophiles use to express digital music heard thru a was true. From the little I listened last night I can already see that digital sound is no more......its all analog sound now.

My Onkyo also has Main In/Pre Out option.......So I connected the DAC to the Main In and played with the DAC as a preamp using the volume control on the DAC....It was very clean sound, almost too clean for my tastes. Occasionally depending on the source material, I still like to use my tone controls and EQ, not as much anymore but I like the option.
I will play with this more later......for now I will leave it connected to the CD-Direct. Maybe once I get closer to 100 hours on the tube, it will not sound so clean as a preamp.....We'll see.

I also found the best setting for the DAC volume knob was between 12o'clock and 2 o'clock position, so I have it right now at 1 o'clock. 2 was too high for my CDP but good for my TT, so I split the difference. But that is my setup and receiver, I don't think I could leave it at 3 o'clock as suggested, I would not get past 8 o'clock on my Onkyo volume control which starts from about 7 o'clock.

I do have another tube coming I purchased from the Tube Store, a JJ Electronics E88CC Gold....I think I will let the supplied tube get to 100 hours then roll this one in and see what happens, what changes and or improves...What a nice option to have in a DAC.

As a final demo last night, I sat my wife down and gave her a A/B comparison on vinyl again using Dream Theater Best of Times, then hit her up with a Prince CD and finally Transatlantic The Whirlwind on the ZuneHD. She sat and stared, was quiet and said....."that sounds nice!"
I now have the nicest system.....I have ever owned. I'm very happy!"

original post here:

Reviewed by Mark W, 02/02/2012

Hi Rachel,
I have your Tube DAC, the first version you sold. I demo'ed it against
the new Rega DAC recently, which costs $1k, and I could discern no audible
difference. They both sounded great. So, I can save my money. I hope all
is well with you fine folks and business is great.

Reviewed by JL P, 02/01/2012

The audiophile universe is one contentious and highly subjective place. A lot of audiophile gears have been waylaid in its track, no less from discriminating ears. If I were to put my bet, GF DAC -11 are one of those who could withstand the scrutiny. GF DAC 11 have bridge the great divide between digital and analog world. I have my own entry level gears, nothing spectacular about it till GF DAC-11 connected the gap. After a few days of listening to DAC -11, I went back to the store where I got my integrated amp and requested the associate to try a more expensive set up (....a lot more expensive). The clarity and overall sound quality is not that far apart. If you compare the money spent, that’s when you realize the true value. You should have seen the smile on my face....not even the most subjective observation can wipe it off.

Reviewed by gagelle , 01/08/2012

posted by forum member gagelle "I just wanted to mention this amazing DAC. I've been using an Emotiva CD player which is good but couldn't come close in sound quality to my vinyl setup. I thought the Emotiva was a high quality CD player until I saw $5,000 players on the web. I don't have that kind of money and still wonder if one of those high end players would have made a difference. But this Grant Fidelity DAC makes my CDs sound amazing. I've been using the tube setting for the last couple of days. I immediately noticed a change. It's hard for me to describe it. It's like there's space surrounding each instrument. Every sound seems more defined. It's almost like the music is larger and coming from a distance. And it has been improving over time. (I read that the tube needs some break in.) I also like the variety of inputs and settings. You can play through the tube or just through the transistors. As I wait for some parts to get my turntable running again, I can honestly say that the sound from my CDs is close to the quality I was getting from my turntable."

original post here: