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Matrix X-Sabre 32bit/384kHz DSD DXD Audio DAC

OPEN BOX DEMO SALE - Flagship ultra high quality D/A converter that supports native DSD (Direct-Stream Digital) and DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition). Well reviewed solid built - don't miss the opportunity of savings. 

Yulong D200 DSD 32 Bit 384kHz ESS9016 D/A Converter and Headphone Amp

 +++ Open Box Demo Sale ++++ Simplified version from the flagship model Yulong Sabre DA8 (MSRP $1299). Intuitive operation, Asynchronous DSD and PCM 32bit 384kHZ. Plus Class A headphone amp - all in one for affordable price! 

Yulong Sabre DA8 MKII Ultra-Low Distortion DSD 32bit/384KHz D/A Converter / Balanced Pre-Amplifier / Class A Headphone Amplifier

++++VERY LIMITED OPEN BOX / REVIEW UNITS ON SALE++++  Your DAC search likely will end here -  World's most advanced Sabre chip used in this 32-bit DAC with custom 32bit /384kHz USB input, ultra low distortion, multiple ways to tweak sound as super high performance DAC, plus the convenience to use it as pre-amplifier or a class A headphone amp. Reviewer said "I'd happily put the DA8 up against any sanely priced DAC and expect it to have a good chance of coming out on top."

Yulong U200 DSD 32 bit 384kHz USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

+++++SUMMER SALE SPECIALE++++  Please note this price is only for the main unit and it doesn't include the wifi module. Use Coupon code '100OFFNOW' at checkout to save $100!