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SALE ON NOW - Master USB Audio Re-clocker for the lowest jitter and highest quality audio, accepts up to 24/96 high res data from PC or Mac USB port, no software required


 One of the most advanced digital music interfaces available, built by people that achieve high-end audio performance.


DEMO UNIT FOR CLEARANCE SALE: 24/192 high end DAC with headphone amp. Wireless USB to offer you unmatched convenience to send music from your computer to your audio system. 


 - SALE ON - $150 OFF MSRP. High end design tube output DAC - compete very well with DAC's under $1k.  24/96 USB and sampling rate up to 24/192. Do NOT let the price to mistake it for mid-fi quality. This is a very high end design at a fraction of competion's price with our direct shipping. Turns up to 5 of your sources into High-End Tube Source players !


Flagship ultra high quality D/A converter that supports native DSD (Direct-Stream Digital) and DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition).


 ++++ YEAR END SALE ON SAVE $100, PLUS RECEIVE FREE HIGH END USB CABLE+++++Simplified version from the flagship model Yulong Sabre DA8 (MSRP $1299). Intuitive operation, Asynchronous DSD and PCM 32bit 384kHZ. Plus Class A headphone amp - all in one for affordable price! 


 Very Limited Edition with ultra fidelity performance. Optional precision clock. The best of the very best from Yulong Audio for the Ultra High Fidelity performance. 


Your DAC search likely will end here -  World's most advanced Sabre chip used in this 32-bit DAC with custom 32bit /384kHz USB input, ultra low distortion, multiple ways to tweak sound as super high performance DAC, plus the convenience to use it as pre-amplifier or a class A headphone amp. Reviewer said "I'd happily put the DA8 up against any sanely priced DAC and expect it to have a good chance of coming out on top."


 ++++ YEAR END SALE ON SAVE 10% ++++ High res 24/192 USB interface to link your music stored on computer to a high end DAC.