Consonance Reference 40 Tube Phono Stage

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This model is only available by Consonance factory drop shipping to buyer's address. We do not stock it in Canada but buyer can enjoy savings on drop air shipping to your door. From order placed to shipping time, it usually needs 10 business days lead time for custom transformer production for 115V at factory then ship by air with transit time 5-8 business days. 


All amps are thoroughly tested before shipping and Consonance factory one year parts warranty (not including tubes which is 90 days warranty) in place for original owner. No labor warranty in North America included in the drop shipping price. Schematics will be provided to buyer for future service with your own choice of tube amp repair technician. 



The Reference 40 tube phonostage is Opera-Consonance's flagship in its line of phono-stages. It is a MM and MC stand-alone phono amplifier, featuring an external power transformer, power supply with tube rectification, amorphous core MC step-up transformer and a point-to-point wiring with layout for the lowest noise.

It matched beautifully with Opera-Consonance line of turntables and tonearms. The top wood panels can be custom made in different finishes, such as black metal, birch wood or cherry red. 


  • Control Functions: Power On/Off , Switch MM / MC and Switch High / Low 
  • Harmonic Distortion: 0.01% ( for 2V RMS at output ) 
  • Input Impedance: 47k ohms( MM ) , 5 ohm~ 400 ohm( MC ) 
  • Input Gain: 40dB (MM ) / 66 dB ( MC, 10 times)/ 57dB(MC, 5 times) 
  • Input Interfaces: 1 group (RCA) 
  • Output Interfaces: 1 group (RCA) 
  • Grounding Interfaces: 1 group 
  • Signal/Noise: 80dB(MM),70dB(MC) 
  • Consumption: 10 watt 
  • Vacuum Tube: 12AX7 x 2, EZ80 x1 
  • Dimensions: 17.5" L  x 10.2" W x 4" H 
  • Weight: 15 kg / 33 lbs (packed)




Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Derrick N, 08/31/2012

Today I picked up my Consonance Ref 40 along with the ShengYa CV 1 preamp. My system consists of a TTWeights Gem V2 turntable, Krell MCX350 FPB mono blocks, Raysonic CD228, B&W 801 speakers and Bogdan Audio cables. This Ref 40, ShengYa combo has finally brought out that 3D soundstage that had been eluding me for years. The highs have a nice sparkle that is not irratateing to my ears...Krell + B&W 801's metal tweeter = high end squincing from time to time. No harshness now, loud 1/2 cranked or mellow low keyed listening. The bass really tightened up and is a little more pronounced, which I like. No need for a seperate sub here! Have had Bryston BP-25 pre, Antique Soound labs pre, Audio research LS 25 Mk11 pre and none of these produced the none fatiuging and 3D sound I have now.A proffesional reviewer I'm but this combo definately took my system to the next level! I'm finally gonna enjoy my music instead of looking for that next best piece of gear..Satisfied in spades! Can t help thinking of how this will sound with those Psavane here I go again...I gotta try ways, Ian and Rachel are rock solid, hard core audiophiles that know there stuff. Sure glad I listened to thier recomendations.. Thanks for the awesum products, definately a lot more bang for the buck. Cheers Derrick.