Consonance Droplet LP5.0 MKII Flagship Turntable with TS88 Tonearm

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This model is only available by Consonance factory drop shipping to buyer's address. We do not stock it in Canada but buyer can enjoy 30% savings on drop air shipping to your door. From order placed to shipping time, it usually needs 10 business days lead time for custom transformer production for 115V at factory then ship by air with transit time 5-8 business days. 


All products are thoroughly tested before shipping and Consonance factory one year parts warranty in place for original owner. No labor warranty in North America included in the drop shipping price. North American labor warranty is NOT included in the price. 




Grant Fidelity is thrilled to offer our customers China's finest audiophile turntables from Opera Consonance. Opera Consonance has been in high end audio manufacturing business for over 15 years with chief designer and owner as Mr. Shi Hui Liu. Their products have been sold all over the world with great popularity among audiophiles an music lovers. They have also received many industry awards including Enjoy the Music and 6moons, etc.

The Droplet LP 5.0 MKII turntable system (turntable + stand) is a beautiful and logical design with the performance to challenge any turntable at any price. The quality is appearant at every stage, the concept is designed to last forever, everywhere you look is a new feature. The perfectionist sound quality of the Droplet LP 5.0MKII will make you wonder why others would spend so much more.
The Droplet LP 5.0 MKII turntable, similar to the original LP 5.0,  has its own matching stand, which is "constructed from two slabs of polished pale marble separated by massive, triangular sections and supported by anodized-alloy columns - all tensioned by threaded rods running through the structure. The shape of the marble echo's the curves of the turntable, with the columns directly beneath the cones on the base of the turntable" - as described by Geoff Husband, TNT-Audio's reviewer in France. 
Geoff continues in his review: "The design (of Droplet LP5.0) is kept relatively simple, following well established 'best practices' - it is a conservative design. In essence it is a solid plinth design carrying a massive, tool-steel, inverted-bearing sleeve/shaft with a ceramic ball as the actual load bearing structure." ..."The German AC motor rests in a separate housing which then sits on a cork base within the wooden section of the plinth. The main bearing and mounting board of the arm is rigidly linked. Both are bolted to a 1 cm thick alloy plate which sits via three alloy cylinders onto the wooden part of the plinth."
After Droplet LP5.0 was reviewed by TNT-Audio and Enjoy the Music in 2005, Opera-Consonance has gone on to continue improving the table to today's MKII version. Compared to the original LP 5.0, MKII version has added a speed controller to the package to address speed and stability. The bearing portion has been completely re-engineered and all parts are machined at the designated machiningg center that belongs to the Chinese Ministry of Aerospace, in order to ensure the ultimate accuracy of measurement. 
Overall, the Droplet LP 5.0 MKII is a truly high end turntable with the following features: 
- Suspension: Mass-loaded on 3 point solid aluminum domes 
- Plinth: One piece machined anodized aluminum. 
- Platter: Machined 67mm acrylic contoured to match record surface (indent for record label) 
- Bearing: Large diameter inverted fixed spindle with polished ceramic ball on a teflon thrust plate. 
- Motor: German manufactured precision hi torque AC motor with pully (33+45rpm). 
- Drive: Nylon thread to minimize transferred motor vibration
A detailed product manual is attached below as a pdf file - released by Opera-Consonance. 
Full review by Geoff Husband ( on original Droplet LP 5.0 can be found here:
Full review by Scott Faller ( on original Droplet LP 5.0 can be found here:
Width: 58cm
Depth: 45cm
Height: approx 30-35cm depending on tonearm 

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