Consonance Cyber 845S Tube Power Amplifiers (pair)

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This model is only available by Consonance factory drop shipping to buyer's address. We do not stock it in Canada but buyer can enjoy savings on drop air shipping to your door. From order placed to shipping time, it usually needs 10 business days lead time for custom transformer production for 115V at factory then ship by air with transit time 5-8 business days. 


All amps are thoroughly tested before shipping and Consonance factory one year parts warranty (not including tubes which is 90 days warranty) in place for original owner. No labor warranty in North America included in the drop shipping price. Schematics will be provided to buyer for future service with your own choice of tube amp repair technician. 


2007 Blue Moon Award Winners in the Audio Reviews Categories



Review by HiFi+ magazine in UK in 2012:

"The Consonance Linear 1 and Cyber 211 are important amps. If these amps were made in the UK or the USA, their level of fit and finish coupled with the fine sound would have people lining up to shout loud about them. However, they would cost about three times as much, and people would not bat an eyelid. This is a combination you have to take seriously."

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The Consonance Cyber 845S/211S tube power amps are the 2010 improved version of the award winning Cyber 845/211. The original version was reviewed multiple times all over the world and are highly praised by audiophiles in Asia, North America and Europe. They are so unique looking compared to many industrial looking tube amps - you see it once and will not forget it. 

The pair of monoblocks has bias meter at front for you to easily monitor high voltage 845/211 tubes' working voltage to avoid overheat. Rectifier tubes are changed to the more reliable 5AR4. Chassis is changed to black - easy to match other equipment. The feet of the amp have been raised to allow you directly place the amp on low carpet without blocking heat ventilation under it. Aluminum bars on top allow you to easy move the heavy amp without breaking your back :) 

Sound of this amp? Well, the industry's highly regarded 6moons Blue Moon award in 2007 speaks for itself. It's music heaven on earth with this amp. Comparable western made amps like this one would easily cost you to 5 figures - this one is very reasonably priced and extremely well built. 

The pair can be factory ordered in either 211 tube setting or 845 tube setting. Please note that you cannot switch from 211 to 845 or vice versa without modify some parts inside the amp. You must specify which setting you would like to have at the time of order.

Ideal bias setting: The front meter needle should stay out of the red zone (see picture above - click to zoom in). The perfect bias point is half way between the middle point to the right extreme. Please refer to the operating manual for other operations instruciton but ignore the bias setting (which was for the old model pre-2010). 



Power Output

16 watt with 211 tubes, 28 watt with 845 tubes, RMS 1kHz

Total harmonic distortion

less than 1% (10watt, 1kHz)

Frequency response

5Hz - 47kHz (-3dB)

Input sensitivity

0.6V for 211 tube, 0.7V for 845 tube

Input impedance

100k ohms


4, 8 ohms. User selectable




190 watt x 2

Input Interfaces

1 group (RCA)

Vacuum tube on each channel

1 x E88CC Input
1 x 5687 Driver
2 x 5AR4 Rectifier
1 x 211 or 845 power tube

Warm-Up Time

3 Minutes

Weight / size

35kg x 2 (packed)

50cm D x 40cm H x 20cm W

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dan A, 02/25/2017

Received this email feedback from Dan - it's the most down-to-earth and authentic feedback from a music lover:

"They have arrived!

So I don’t have a high quality source yet, I just hooked up a simple Sonos player to them for a quick test - and even with the relatively low quality source I actually burst out laughing uncontrollably they sounded SO good. And they aren’t even broken in yet!

I’m delighted, and i’m sure they will get even better as the open up.

Thanks again for all your help!"