BW-2.5 Performance Bi-Wiring Speaker Cable (8ft)

MSRP: $245.00
Terminal Type: : Banana only
Length:: 8 ft / 2.5meter
Free shipping applies:: Canada & USA
Extra shipping applies:: Outside North America
Eligible for FREE Shipping

 Bi-wiring speaker cables: two pairs of speaker cables built in one but with enhanced performance! 

Our performance series speaker cable is the perfect 'affordable' speaker cable for most systems. Designed not to take anything away from the amplifier's feed to your speakers, the dynamics and neutrality of this cable are second to none.

Unique 30x30 gauge conductors, 5n (99.999%) pure copper, insulated, conductors in parallel (un-twisted), teflon shielded, protective jacketting and gold plated connectors.

We use this speaker cables at every tradeshow we exhibit and it never disappointed us. Overall an overachiever with budget price. 

Come with in banana plugs only on this Bi-Wiring configuration.  8 Feet length. No other length available at this time.


According to Wikipedia: 

"Bi-wiring is a means of connecting a loudspeaker to an audio amplifier, primarily used in hi-fi systems. Normally, there is one pair of connectors on a loudspeaker and a single cable (two conductors) runs from the amplifier output to the terminals at the loudspeaker housing. From this point, connections are made to the loudspeaker drivers – usually through audio crossover networks.

In bi-wiring, each loudspeaker has two pairs of connectors and two cables are run from the same amplifier output to the speaker cabinet – one for the high frequency or tweeter driver and one for the low frequency driver (through two separated crossover filters). The purported advantage of this split is that it "reduces magnetic interaction in the cable, resulting in better sound"

Some audiophiles feel that bi-wiring produces an audible improvement over standard single cabling. For example, John Atkinson, writing in Stereophile, states that he observes "subtle but important" differences, particularly in reduction of treble hardness and improvement in bass control in one review.


Bi-wiring is NOT the same as 'bi-amping': 


Bi-wiring should not be confused with the hi-fi practice of bi-amping: the use of a separate amplifier for each driver, which brings improved separation of signal frequencies and removes the need for passive crossovers and the degraded efficiency, linearity, and cost that comes with them. 





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